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Limited skeletal mesh support exists. It is a separate component designed for skeletal meshes. "MNSI-PhysicsSounds_SkeletalMesh"

"MNSI-MainPlugin/Examples/Props/MetalBox_SkeletalMesh" is a good example of a setup.

The only difference is the added option called "Bone Name."


This in theory allows the specification of the Root bone for the plugin. The bone all math happens for. For now it is best to leave it at none. It automatically picks the root bone then.

In the future it might be possible to use this to give each bone of the skeletal mesh its own MNSI component, but for now that seems to be impossible as all bones trigger the same On Hit event, and the engine doesn't return which bone triggered the event. So despite setting a different "Bone Name" impact sounds will be triggered by all bones.

Rolling and Friction sounds work with limitations.

To create something like a car, please see; MNSI:Multi-Component

  • Note multiple skeletal meshes in one blueprint component work the same way.