MNSI:Sanity Checklist

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Quick list of pointers to go though if no sounds are being played.

There are a lot of things that can contribute to the plugin failing to play a sound, this list is designed with the most commonly missed to the rarest oversights.

Go though them one by one. If still Nada. Use the forum to complain. [Main Forum Thread.]

  1. Is Generate Hit Events enabled for the static mesh component?
  2. Is the MNSI component using the correct mesh index that has the desired material assigned?
  3. Does the prop's material have an assigned Physical Material?
  4. Is the Physical Material loaded in a sound library And that sound library loaded in the MNSI graph? Check for spelling errors.
  5. Is the player distance optimization set to a value too low? Make sure it matches the attenuation distance of the sounds.

This list will get updated as people use this plugin more

Last update - June 8th 2019